Full Council 28th July 2004

My first speech at the district council was overshadowed by confusion
after the meeting had been adjurned. The Chairman stopped the meeting,
giving no indication of whether the meeting would resume and
consequently most Labour councillors left. I stayed on to speak about
leisure services, and was joined by two other councillors.
I stayed because I’d invested a lot of time going over the reports
about the proposed Leisure Trusts and the privatisation of the leisure
management. I wasn’t on the Council when the decisions were taken last
March, and so there had been plenty of background reading to do.

Wall near Digmoor Community Centre and the Duck Pub

The wall between the Duck Pub and Digmoor Road is in a poor state of
repair. There are holes that have been knocked though and it’s clearly
dangerous for children who could get down to the road.

The wall runs up the side of the carpark to the Community Centre. The
two holes shown above are near the Duck and the Community Centre
respectively. I’ve reported this to the Lancs Highways
Partnership who are the people that are supposed to do something about
things like this. They say that it will be looked at in the next couple
of weeks. If there’s no action I’ll chase it up.

Flytipping off Castlehey

On passing Castlehey last Sunday there was a fridge, sun-bed and other odds and sods left on the corner of the road.

After a meeting with the officers in charge of waste collection, it seems that there are skips that go out every two weeks where this stuff could have been taken. There’s absolutely no need for fly-tipping and the council collection and enforcement officers are working to try and stop it.

However, from the complaints that I’ve had, many people don’t know that there are skips available. Once I get a list of dates and locations I’ll post them up here and Pat and I will try to get a leaflet out with the information on.

Elections, results and public service

The past couple of months have been tied up with elections and all the hullabaloo that goes with it. In the end the results were bitterly disappointing, but not as bad as in neighbouring areas. Although it feels nice to say that we did OK comparatively, the idea of another two years in opposition doesn’t fill me with excitement.

There was something positive… I am now a District Councillor for Moorside, and as such I hope that I can contribute something locally.

I’m going to hold surgeries at Digmoor Community Centre on the first and third Thursday of each month at 5.30pm. First one tomorrow, but I’ll send something to the local papers to get the word out and perhaps some A4 posters for local shops, etc.