Bus Shelters

bus shelter I’ve been in touch with the council about the bus shelters around Moorside – particularly on Digmoor Road. The District Council looks after the green shelters with the perspex windows.

I’m pretty sure that almost all the shelters in Moorside have been vandalised – one was recently replaced, so it should be OK. These pictures are of one on Digmoor Road by Cherrycroft.

The shelters that service the 395 are on a quality bus route, and I am told that they will have new all-singing and dancing shelters some time in 2005. However, that means that theDistrict won’t replace them in the meantime.

Ex Social Services offices, Birkrig

Birkrig Social Security OfficesThe old Social Services offices at Birkrig have been empty now for a couple of months since the department moved out.

Understandably, people locally are concerned what’s going to happen to the flats – at the moment they’ve been left boarded up. I’ve been in touch with the Housing officers who are still responsible for the flats and hopefully I’ll know soon what’s happening with them. I’ll post an update when I find out. —-Sunday, 10th OctoberI’ve had a letter back from the Council saying that the properties are secure and alarmed, but that they are structurally unsound. So they are planning to demolish the flats and regenerate the area – hopefully including that part of Digmoor Parade.