Noise ASBO’s in Wigan

I noticed a report in the Wigan Reporter at my parents’ over the holidays about a noise ASBO taken out by Wigan MBC.

When the Labour Group was calling for a proper implementation of the new ASBO rules, this is exactly the kind of thing we had in mind. There are many complaints about noisy neighbours and often people feel like there is nothing that can be done.There is a clear message: the powers exist for Councils to do something about noisy neighbours and that other authorities are showing that something can be done. The controlling Tory group should understand that anti-social behaviour isn’t just about youths on the streets, and that there’s a lot more that they could do.

Possible District Council Changes

The Guardian reports that there are to be sweeping changes to local government immediately following the General Election. It seems that the Government is determined to abolish many district councils and bring in unitary authorities instead. This will almost certainly hit West Lancs DC – Lancashire in particular is mentioned in the article as having 13 councils.