Chequer Lane – Campaign website

Local residents in Up Holland have put together a website as part of their campaign to save the Chequer Lane playing fields. It’s at

If you have any memories of the playing fields, information about when they were donated to the people of Up Holland, or would like to help the campaign then please contact Allison or Alizon who are organising the local campaign. Their contact details are here.

Gulley cleaning

At last week’s EMB meeting there was a complaint that machines clearing the gulleys on the streets weren’t going down side roads. In particular, they would enter an estate, go down the middle road of an estate but ignore the smaller ones. On the face of it, it sounds like some penny-pinching, but I’m looking into it and post an update when I get some information.

Loss of playing fields at Chequer Lane – Public meeting

The District Council recently decided to sell off the playing fields in Chequer Lane, Up Holland – just over the road from Holland Moor, and well used by people in Up Holland and Moorside.

There will be a public meeting in the Up Holland Library Meeting Rooms, on Friday 30th June at 6pm to see how local residents feel about the loss of such an important open space, and I would encourage anyone who is concerned about the loss of playing fields and the over-development of Up Holland to attend.

The council seems unaware that the fields are used for a lot more than just playing football on a Sunday morning. They are well used by local children and residents from both sides of Stannanought Road and it is wrong for the council to do this without any consultation with either the local councillors or the residents.