Old postings

I finally sorted out the old postings from 2004 and 2005. These had been lost because the database on the old site had broken – in the end they just needed a “repair table”, but it wasn’t a top priority!

Some of the early messages relate to Up Holland when I was on the Parish Council.

Birkrig street cleaning

I did a street surgery in Birkrig this morning. The main problem seems to be the state of the pavements, the rubbish and the “landscaped” areas that have been left to become overgrown, full of weeds, litter and broken bottles.

There are parts that feel like they’ve been abandoned by the Council, and from reports that I got speaking to people this morning, it sounds like the Council have just ignored the estate.

This picture seemed to sum it up – a can thrown into an overgrown bush.

It’s possible that some of the money from the safer, stronger communities funding could be used to improve the area, but thats not good enough. The Council should be keeping the estates around Skelmersdale clean, and I think they’re failing.

Street surgeries

I’ll be doing some street surgeries over the next couple of months, starting at Birkrig on Saturday from 10am. I’m hoping to get around the whole of the ward over the next 12 months running every two weeks (the Saturday after normal surgeries at Digmoor Community Centre).

Forthcoming dates are:

  • (West of Digmoor Road) 
  • 19th August – Birkrig
  • 9th September – Birleywood
  • 23rd September – Blakehall / Martins Lane
  • 7th October – Nixons Lane / Ormskirk Road
  • (East of Digmoor Road)
  • 21st October – Ormskirk Road
  • 18th November – Colinton
  • 9th December – Cornbrook

In the new year I’ll take in Cherrycroft, through Carfield and Brierfield and then start again.

I’ll pop a card through the door on the Thursday before and then potter around on the Saturday. If you’ve got a card in your window, then I know that you want me to pop up and discuss something.

I don’t know if it’ll work straight away, or if my cards are terribly clear, but I’m working on it and will make changes if I don’t think it’s working.

The thing is… I’ve been telling fellow councillors and others that we should be doing this for the past three years and haven’t actually done it myself – mainly because sometimes it’s hard to get off your backside and make the first step. So I’ll post how things work out here.