West Lancs Budget

Last year I wrote about how rubbish the budget scrutiny was – this year there hasn’t been much improvement. The training that the scrutiny committee was promised didn’t happen and so the budget position as discussed last Thursday was limited.

This year, as it was last year, the budget papers were stuck at the end of a long agenda – so no-one was interested and in any case, only one or two of the councillors understood the figures presented.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is local democracy and accountability in action. West Lancs style.

Looking back at last year’s papers we did at least have a commentary from each of the senior officers to explain the growth items being suggested. This year we don’t even have that. I’ll try to get hold of a copy, but in the meantime it seems that the system is set against us scrutinising anything.

Whitemoss Landfill Site – Lancashire planning webcast

Before Christmas the County planning development committee decided to extend the life of the Whitemoss Landfill site. The site frequently causes smells across parts of Skelmersdale, and the granting of the extension was a terrible decision for the town. 

In browsing around the Lancashire County council website earlier today I came across this webcast of the committe meeting. If you click on “index points” and then scroll down to the West Lancashire District Application 08/06/0918 then you can watch the whole debate or you can then click on individual names to see their contributions.

If you’re interested in how the decision was taken – this is vital viewing.

The decision is a matter of record now, but the debate is interesting to contrast the views of those outside of West Lancs with those within West Lancs – and the different views of those councillors within the District.