Nothing much here… move along!

I’ve not posted anything here in a while. Mainly because about a year ago I was told that this blog was putting investment into Skelmersdale at risk! Of course, it was a stupid comment, from someone who obviously hadn’t read it. But I held off posting because I thought it would make for a quieter life, when there were other things going on. Plus lots of things that were happening locally I just didn’t want to write about. Others were saying and doing things and I find the whole thing a bit tasteless, really.

So I’m about two weeks off not being councillor any more. I’ll write something later about my experiences and what I think I’ve achieved and where I think I’ve failed, but just at the moment I’m relieved to be walking away from it.

The main thing is that I don’t feel the constraint that I did before for writing. I’ll try to keep up with things that are happening in West Lancs and I’ll try to post stuff here that I find interesting, and hopefully others do too.