Welcome “Tales from the West Lands”

Alan Bullen, who was West Lancs Labour Group leader for nearly twenty years until standing down a few years ago, has started his own blog – “Tales from the West Lands“.

Alan, as a Councillor, was one of the few who could raise a smile in both the Labour and Conservative ranks, and I expect that he will turn that humour to good use in attacking the Tories in the run up to the next General Election.

In his first post, however, Alan has reproduced his speech from the Alderman Ceremony last year which was so unfairly reported in the Advertiser last week.

I look forward to following Alan’s unique take on West Lancs and national politics.

Supporting Post Office Workers

After hearing about Cllr Bob Pendleton’s recent threat of expulsion following “personal attacks” on Rosie Cooper, I thought I would dig out the original article that led to complaints. The article was about supporting Post Office workers in their fight against privatisation.

Apparently the Party’s action was because of comments in an article printed in the Champion on 1st April 2009.

Because of the hysterical (and in many places, untrue) reporting by the Advertiser of Alan, Bob and Jude’s recent disciplinary actions, I thought it would be useful to see how bad it really was.

I reproduce the article here – I won’t comment specifically except to say two things:

  • that I’m surprised that the criticism expressed should be considered as a nasty personal attack on the MP as suggested by the Advertiser, and
  • that I’m glad that we have Labour Councillors who are willing to stand up against the privatisation of the Post Office.

Just click on the image to read the original article in full.