From the archives – reaction to Peter Watt’s appointment as General Secretary

While searching my old email archives this morning I came across this gem from an old friend of mine, reacting to the email that we’d all received announcing Peter Watt’s elevation to Labour Party general secretary:

To: “Steve Hanlon”
Subject: Fw: And your new General Secretary is…..
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005

The next General Secretary, to be appointed in two years time, is currently on the SureStart programme where he is learning to babble…`privilege’, `proud’, `challenge’, `’renewal’, `shared values’ etc etc.

None of you will remember the legendary General Secretary of the Labour Party, Bert Williams. Lost an arm during the war, hard as bloody nails and didn`t talk shite. But somehow I found him very reassuring.

Why do I find it so hard to `modernise’? Answers, please!

I think the author was referring to Len Williams General Secretary between 1962 and 1968, so of course I wouldn’t remember him (I wasn’t born!). That said, from the way he’s described, I really wish we’d had him at the helm in ’07 rather than Watt.

Police in West Lancashire are urging residents to remain vigilant to the threat of burglary

From the Lancashire constabulary website:

POLICE in West Lancashire are urging residents to remain vigilant to the threat of burglary.

The warning follows an increase in offences over this month as a direct consequence of homeowners leaving front doors insecure or garden tools in their gardens which are then used to force windows and doors.

There have been nine burglaries so far this year in the Ormskirk policing area where police have seen spades and hoes used to force entry, or where a window or door has been left unlocked.

There is more information on their site including advice for householders to reduce the risk of burglary.