Run Fat Boy

In the past week I’ve started running.

I like to think that I started after much serious consideration, but Jude expressed a desire to start running and it seemed to trigger something and I just started. Maybe I’m just insanely competitive with her – which can only be unhealthy for our relationship.

I don’t really have a target. Maybe it’s just because I’m fast approaching 45 and I need to look after myself just a little bit .

I’ve also no idea how long I’ll be able to keep it up for. There are some aspects that I’ve found surprising compared to the last time I tried to take up running:

  • Running outside is ok. I’ve not been out in the rain yet, but I don’t think I’ll let it stop me.
  • We were away for the weekend at Llanbedrog and running along the beach there and at Abersoch was just delightful.
  • I’m not utterly knackered afterwards. Last time I was so tired at the end of a run that I couldn’t function for an hour afterwards (possibly an exaggeration).

The big difference is that I’m enjoying it – mostly. Perhaps it’s because I’m using some training apps and so am not trying to over-exert myself. Whatever it’s down to, I’ve surprised myself and hope that I can keep it up.

I’ve no intention of posting daily updates here… that’s what Facebook and Twitter are for(!) But maybe by the summer I’ll have lost some of the bulk I’ve been collecting for the last twenty years.

846 days later


This evening I read an academic paper about social media and blogging in education. While it didn’t fit my experience exactly, I realised that I hadn’t done anything on this blog for a long time. 846 days to be precise.

So I took a look back at what I had here. It was all offline, having been moved to a temporary domain which I’d then let lapse.

Once I’d decided to start blogging again, I wondered what I should do with all the old stuff posted on the old blog.

There’s about six years of on/off blogging about politics in West Lancashire and other bits and pieces. It all stopped in 2010 when I decided that my continued blogging was causing more harm than good. I’d grown so disillusioned with the individuals in local politics that I was just bitching and making under the radar criticisms, along with the occasional above the radar criticism. None of it helpful.

About two years ago I extricated myself from the local Labour party and spent a while just clearing my head. It feels weird looking at the posts again and it doesn’t represent how I feel about the party and the kind of things that I’d like to write about. However, the question was whether to keep it in or leave offline. An old friend on Facebook, Nick, helped clarify my thoughts. I expect that all my pre-2013 posts will seem out of context – but it serves to show where I’ve been over the past few years; and that’s useful.

Things have moved on. I feel like a completely different person to two years ago. Life is different, and better. I’ll try to reflect how things really are in future posts… and hopefully they won’t take over two years to turn into a post.