Here we go again

It’s the last day of 2013, quite a remarkable year for me in many ways – but the one that I’m interested in today is the running. About 11 months ago I started out running after talking to a friend about it when away at a gig. I’d started the year without really considering any exercise, in fact I didn’t really have any New Year resolutions. So finishing the year having completed four 10k runs and a half marathon seems quite an accomplishment – even if I did so very slowly.

In June I had a stab at trying the Juneathon, after being encouraged into it by the very same friend who had extolled the virtues of running in the first place. I was trying to kick start some training ahead of the Birmingham half marathon, but hurt my foot by the second day. It was all a bit of a disaster.

JanathonSo I’m trying again. Janathon starts again tomorrow, and I intend to give it as good a stab as I can. Day one is likely to be difficult due to hangovers in the morning and more get togethers in the afternoon. However, I’m sure that it can be done.

I doubt that I’ll run every day, I don’t want to break myself this time and I want to get to some level of fitness to do the MK half in March.

I’ve been reading the New Rules of Lifting after it was recommended at the weekend. I’m hopeless near any gym and one of my principle resolutions for 2014 is to get over irrational anxieties – gyms and Nandos are high on that list. So I’m going to learn how the muscles work get used to the resistance bands that I bought a few weeks ago and venture into the gym from time to time as well. The plan is to get faster, build endurance and lose weight – I’m sure that Nandos fits into that somewhere as well.

There are three races slotted into the calendar so far: the MK Half Marathon on the 9th March, Manchester 10k on the 18th May and the Wigan 10k in September. By the end of the year I want to have completed two half marathons, a couple more 10ks and be on the way to being able to do a marathon. Oh, and I want to have stuck through a Janathon and a Juneathon.