SetDNS Free version

I’ve had an email from someone saying that the pro version of the app is available on Google Play, but not the free version. This seems to be down to different types of device and different versions of Android.

I’ve uploaded the two most recent APKs. There were only minor changes between 2.1.2 and 2.1.3.


SetDNS version 2.1.2 Download
SetDNS version 2.1.3 Download

Cardiff Half Marathon – October. Training plan.

A few months ago Lorna (my gigging / running buddy) and I did the Milton Keynes half marathon which was hard, really very hard. So we planned to train hard for the half marathon in Cardiff and give it a better stab.

After some months nursing sore legs and a lame attempt at the Manchester 10k, it’s time to properly pull on the running shoes and get ready for Cardiff. There are 14 weeks through to the run and so I’m going to try and stick to a programme. This is something that Lorna dug out from walkjogrun.

Training plan

I’ll try to blog progress here, maybe not every day, but will at least try to measure and hold myself to account here.

Today I did the 35 minute run on the treadmill. One of the things I’ve become aware of since going to the parkrun, and occasionally running it, is that I’m very slow when compared to others. So I’ve been trying to do more intervals and get used to running a bit faster – even if that means walk / running. I was pushing 7mph on the treadmill for regular couple of minute bursts, so as part of the training I’m hoping to improve my 5k times.

So this is the plan. Tomorrow, I’m off to the gym for some cross-training and next Monday I’ve got an appointment to meet one of the personal trainers at Edge Hill. Let’s see how this goes.