Staying awake

Just at this very moment I could quite easily fall asleep. It’s only just after 10pm, but after a run of late nights and early mornings I’m starting to feel the lack of a good night’s sleep.

It’s been a productive day – a lot of the financials for the new project are working now and it feels like there is one last big bit to do before a run of small functional parts.

I walked to pick up the children this afternoon again. On the way back, Lily wanted to walk home by herself — so I let her walk about 20/30m in front of us. Joel got a stitch and consequently I walked about 1km with him on my shoulders — I’d wanted to keep Lily in view and Joel wanted to stop and let the stitch ease. It was a lot easier to carry them when they were smaller!

Then dancing this evening. More getting to grips with the basics followed by more tandem charleston and a face to face charleston step which I hadn’t seen before. All good, but I probably ought to get an early night.

Oh, and no gym and no run – it’s been a busy week. Some things are having to give, for a few days.