Ten days to go

The countdown to our holiday is well and truly on. It’s 10 days before we head off, and it can’t come soon enough. 

It’s been another day mostly wrangling code. I pushed out the work in progress for the new project. It’s using Laravel Forge to manage the server. Not because I can’t maintain or administer a server myself, but because it wraps things up beautifully. Especially the queues and deployment. Commits to the master branch are automatically deployed and notifications are sent to Slack. It’s a nicely put together system. 

I’d planned on finishing off another script this afternoon, and then a trip to the gym. However just 15 minutes before I was due to leave, and with one final bit to code up, I realised that the library, Python xlrd, couldn’t do the very last part and therefore the whole piece of work was consigned to the bin. It can’t detect the formatting in Excel2007 formatted spreadsheets, which was needed for tottin up a final figure from a sheet. 

After some tests with PHPExcel I realised that I could script something up, and I had the logic already. But it meant that I missed going to the gym. 

I did get my 4kms in by walking Lily to scouts and walking back with Joel. Lily and I spent most of the time wishing away the days until we’re in Portugal. It can’t come soon enough.

So I’m knackered now. I was up way too late yesterday and Saturday, so it’s an early sleep and hopefully an early start tomorrow. I need to get my 3k run in first thing.