Easter Monday – Silves, running and dinner out

Happily, today has again been much better than anticipated. It was cloudy, but the rain held off mostly. This morning Lorna and I took an almost-4km walk around this part of town. The earlier walks had been up and downhill — along the cliffside walk or with the children, so the 30 minutes were coming in at 2.7-ish km. We needed a long walk to get the cumulative distance up again, and we rebalanced it a little today.

Given the cloudier weather, we decided to go out for a day trip to Silves. It is about 20 minutes drive away and has a wonderful castle perched on a hill, surrounded by an old town full of cobbled streets.

Lily and Joel at Silves
Lily and Joel at Silves

We had a good potter around the castle and then visited Rui’s fish restaurant in the town. A place where we often visited when we were younger, but haven’t been to in well over 10 years. The place hasn’t changed in 30 years, from the cheap tables and chairs, to the tanks with lobsters and crabs waiting to be cooked and scoffed. The only difference that I could tell, was that the TV was now flat-screen rather than the old wooden box that previously hung on the wall.

We were caught in a downpour when we left the restaurant, but that was about as bad as it got. It cleared up as we drove back and was fine within half an hour.

About an hour later, Matthias and I headed out for a 10k run. I’d planned a route which would take us around this development, then down some country lanes into Carvoeiro town centre and then back up along the main roads and the hills to the villa. This all looked good until I took a wrong turn about 1.5km into the run and we ended up in the middle of some luxury development with large villas either side and no-where to go except turn back and retrace our path back. There was some quick re-planning of the route which seemed to work alright. We got to the end of the drive precisely at 9.68km which, weirdly, was the planned distance for the day.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 00.14.50

It had been warm and mostly dry with the occasional spot of rain — which came as a welcome relief because the whole route was up and downhill. Runkeeper tells us that the elevation was 207m, and it could have been much more given that it felt like we were endlessly going uphill. At least we might have burned off some of the very many bread rolls that we’ve scoffed over the past few days.

Plus it didn’t kill me, which is a relief. Nor did jumping into the pool when we got back (which felt awesome, btw!)

No BBQ tonight. Instead we went into town and ate at Martin’s Grill, a place in the main square overlooking the beach. Nothing much to report, except that it was a very pleasant evening: tasty food, good fun and the children enjoyed themselves. All good.

2015-04-06 20.34.50

2015-04-06 20.36.50

The other fun thing I’ve been playing with today has been trying to get a 3D model of Lily built correctly. This is an exercise in understanding some of the tools used. Earlier attempts had failed – probably because of how I had been capturing images, but I decided to just turn on the burst camera on my iphone and then use the images that came out of it to see what I could build. The model looked like it was going to take 34 hours to build (on a quad-core SSD macbook pro, so it goes quite fast), so I did a first pass using the lower resolution algorithms in PhotoScanPro and cleaned using Meshlab. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, but have now created a batch job to see if I can do it at a better resolution. Hopefully the higher resolution model won’t have a hole in the back of Lily’s head!

I’d put a copy of the scan here, but I’m struggling to put together the right files to upload at the moment. The materials file doesn’t seem to upload in the zip properly (this is a sketchfab thing, not a shapie issue at the moment). Instead here are some snaps:

The low-res model in meshlabs:

Meshlab model

and the corresponding model in sketchfab without, apparently, the materials file.

Sketchfab model (no materials, I think!)

I’ll get there in the end…