End of first week – all change

Yesterday was the end of the first week. A day of end-of-the-world rain turned out to be a day of glorious sunshine.

Lorna and Matthias were heading off at lunchtime, so we got a walk done as soon as breakfast was complete. This was my 102nd walk, having completed my 100th the other day (and not blogged about it — bad Steve). We went along the clifftop walk, down into town back up the other side and then came back again. The walks have been all about the hills and yesterday was no different. Possibly the most scenic of the walks, it was a pleasant way to end the walks with Lorna.

Lorna, mid-walk.
Lorna, mid-walk.

I’m not sure if anyone will be out with me in week 2. I suspect that I’ll mostly be pottering out my myself. Certainly this morning I may be alone, as the skies are grey and rainy just at the moment.

The rest of the day yesterday was spent mostly driving around and shuttling people to and from the airport. Our first run at lunchtime was to take L&M back, and a later run to pick up my parents, who eventually arrived at midnight. The French air traffic controller strike made everyone’s journeys difficult and uncertain yesterday.

It was late when I finally got to bed, about 2am, so we’re all running a bit late today. A more comprehensive update later, hopefully when the sun comes out.