Heading back

Our journey back started early. I was keen to get a walk done before we started travelling, so I was up and out before 8. I would have been out earlier, but I didn’t want to be out walking in the dark, so I left the villa 15 minutes before sunrise so that I could watch the dawn. It was beautiful. The birds were singing and there were several cockerels crowing as I pottered by.


I walked down to the beach, took a few photos and then headed back. Just about 3km and a 30 minute walk before waking the children to finish packing.


I think we packed everything except the cans of coke that were in the fridge and I’d planned on drinking before we got to the airport.

Lily had been keen to see the sink hole by the lighthouse, so we first took a detour for a look down the hole and some more photographs.


Mum was also keen to see Vilamoura which had been featured on a TV programme recently, so we stopped off there for a drink and breakfast sandwich in a bar by the beach. It’s about 30 years since we were last there and back then it felt like it was overdeveloped. Now it has the feeling of a large new town or a city. I’m glad we stayed where we did, Carvoeiro is relatively undeveloped and still has a feel of a small town.

When we went out for dinner last night we had a look for a place near Rocha Brava which is a short walk from the villa. The first place we tried was a delightful little place that looked super-tasty, but it turned out they only took cash — and I’d done a good job of spending every last bit of cash before we left. We’ll be back, especially to try the pork and clams.


Instead we went to the restaurant in the Rocha Brava complex. When we looked at the menu we were prepared to be disappointed as the options looked like something that we’d have at home, but it turned out to be delicious. Another place to go back to.

Yesterday was also supposed to be bad weather, but in the end, all the rain fell overnight and the day was clear and warm. There was much playing in the pool and sunny pottering. We walked down into town in the morning, had a coffee and then walked back – two slow walks for my 107th day.

Braving the cliffs on the way back
Braving the cliffs on the way back

So I’m writing this on the plane, heading back and looking forward to seeing Jude and getting back into the various projects that need to be completed. It’s going to be a busy few weeks ahead.