Last orders

It’s nearly time to leave. The weather is turning cool again and the packing and flight home are imminent.

I’ve had “sort out shit before we go home” on my list of things to do since the weekend, but there has been stuff that has taken precedence. Walks, chats, that kind of thing. Today was going to be the time to do something, but the flicker of working mojo was extinguished by an email that needed urgent attention. Probably for the best, but I really do have one task that I need to sort before the end of tomorrow. I’m hoping that the apocalyptic storms tomorrow will mean that I get a moment to sort it out.

The walks have continued, but it’s been hard to find the time for the running. “Steve, stop being a lazy arse and get out there” — I hear you say, and you have a point.

The spirit is willing but the flesh is very weak. Or the flesh is willing but the spirit is weak. Oh, or the flesh is weak and the spirit is weak. Probably the latter. Bottom line is that it’s been difficult to drag myself away from the tasty bread rolls and the beer in order to do some training.

I ran on Sunday. 5k around the block, which actually felt good given that it also felt like it was 100 degrees (it wasn’t). Yesterday was hotter and when I got up I realised that it was genuinely too hot for a run, so I took a much longer walk — into town and back again. Today, I was just being very rubbish. I walked with the children to Rocha Brava but we were busy in the morning and in the afternoon and it just didn’t work. There are other reasons, dear reader, but I can explain those when I catch up with you next (if you’re interested!)

For the most part, that’s where we’re up to. Left to my own devices I could quite easily get mountains of stuff done, and it’s tempting to imagine a week away here by myself alone with just my laptop and to-do list. In the moments when I’ve been alone, albeit briefly, the silence and calm has been breathtaking. I’ll miss that as much as the sun, sea and fresh air. That said, I’ve got virtually nothing work-related done, and that’s almost certainly a good thing. We’ve goofed around in the pool, chatted, walked and relaxed for two weeks. It’ll be busy enough when we return.