Saturday (I think)

I’ve lost track of what day it is now. Jude headed back home today, so I’m pretty certain that it’s been Saturday all day, although it’s felt like a Sunday. I think…

Lorna and Matthias went back home on Thursday, battling bravely with the thousands of others who were delayed because of the French air traffic controllers strike. My parents were delayed as well — arriving at Faro at about midnight. I should have been nicely tucked up in bed, tummy full of beer; instead I was sipping a strong coffee in the arrivals section of the airport.

So far, it’s been a lovely couple of days since they arrived. My last walk with Lorna was along a boardwalk into Carvoeiro down to the town centre before heading back up the hill on the other side. My walk yesterday was with Jude and Joel to the lighthouse and the sink hole (yes, they have everything here!) Today’s walk was with my parents, down to the beach and back up again, while Jude packed her bags for her return journey.

Jude was heading back early because of her Africa trip earlier in the year. She didn’t many days holiday left and so we decided that it was probably better for me to stay out here with the kids and for her to go back to work.

She very nearly didn’t get to the airport on time. The rental car wouldn’t start (for a long time) and I seriously thought that we were in the zone for booking a taxi. My Dad managed to start the car while I was digging out the paperwork, and so we got to the airport and I was able to get the car replaced. All good.

Then I’ve spent the rest of the day reading by the pool and playing with 3D models. There’s a long blog post in this, once I’ve got my head around how the different parameters seem to work. In the end, I uploaded a bunch of photos for Ivan to do some photogrammetry and turn them into a 3D head and shoulders image. The best that I’ve been able to get usually has a great blob of wall or tiles poking out the top of my head. I’ll post fun pictures later — but only once it all works.

Tomorrow will be warm again, by the looks of it. There will also be a run, it feels a long time since the last one.