Saturday – Warm

Today has been hot. Much hotter than yesterday and by the looks of the forecast, hotter than the days ahead. We’ve made the most of it by lolling around by the pool, reading, swimming and more sitting around.

Today’s walk, the 97th of the streak, was uphill and along the cliffs until we ran out of space to walk; then back again downhill and up the other side of the shoreline, and then back down again. There was some serious short but steep walking that took place. Tomorrow should be flatter and further.

I’ve been very remiss in not taking many photos. In fact, I only have one or two photos that could probably be shared and maybe one or two others where I’d be in serious trouble if they turned up here or on the Facebook.

Here is some sexy wine from the supermarket:

2015-04-03 12.15.32

and here is the bbq furnace I constructed from beer packaging to help the charcoal light (which worked a treat):

2015-04-04 17.33.52

Altogether a quiet, warm, day.