Sunday – better than expected, difficult to run in

It didn’t rain like it was the end of the world today. We were braced for it, but while the clouds were with us most of the day, it was mostly hot, dry and enjoyable weather. The Apple weather, BBC and Weather Channel are all united in telling us that the next four days will be rainmageddon, but that shouldn’t stop us enjoying our time here.

As with previous updates, there is very little to report on. Between breakfast and lunch we went for a run — which I had mis-remembered as being relatively flat for the most part, except for a large downhill and a corresponding long uphill stretch. The run actually felt like 80% uphill, 19% downhill and about 1% flat. This is not good when running in the heat.

Matthias, Lorna and I headed off for what was supposed to be a steady / slow run which I misjudged completely. I thought that I had pottered off at a steady pace, but it turns out that I had gauged the start completely wrong and regretted it for the last 500m. I really need to learn to go slower for the slow paced runs.

We walked as well. The six of us headed out around a circuitous route to the beach via the local Spar and a quick visit to acquire some charcoal bricks for the BBQ later. We enjoyed some beers and ice cream at the O-Stop before pottering back to the villa for more beer, card games, outdoor meat cooking and time in the pool. [don’t bother with the link, btw, they’re just collecting emails, sadly]

The day was rounded off with a good old discussion about local / national politics, the election, federalism and proportional representation (well, these were the bits that I was enjoying). Sadly curtailed way too soon thanks to too much fresh air and time for bed.