So, it seems that a week ago I said that I’d keep the blog updated and then what happens? I go and fall off the wagon completely. No updates for a whole week! There’s good reason I suppose — I think that it was obvious that I was finding it difficult to update this when I was starting to write at about 1 or 2 in the morning… having said that, it’s 1:18am now, but there’s a good reason for that.

We’re away for a few days in Carvoeiro, Portugal, and so we spent the second half of the day travelling.

Jude was off today and we had some stuff to sort out at the bank this morning. After taking a walk after lunch, it was time to go and get the children from school. Last year I had taken the children out of school for two days so that we could get out on the Thursday, and I felt so bad about it that I resolved to try and avoid it if at all possible.

This year was a bit easier. Tomorrow is Good Friday and the children would have been off, so I booked the afternoon flight which meant that the children only had to leave school an hour or so early. It all worked fine. We got to the airport in good time and sailed through security — there was hardly anyone there and it seemed like the Gods of trouble-free travelling were on our side.

To be honest, the journey was pleasantly unremarkable. We got to Faro airport without many problems, unless you count Joel’s desire for snacks not being sated while on the flight. Thanks, mostly, to me being grumpy and wanting to feed him the satsumas that I’d packed.

So we’re at the villa that we’ve stayed in each Easter for the past few years. We came here in 2012 and thought it was a lovely place, so much that we’ve come back each year since.

The broadband is still as unpredictable as it was in the past, but I’ve been able to fix Jude’s blog and also take another look at some Shapie uploading which wasn’t quite working when we left the house at lunchtime.

There’s something odd happening with it. When I fire a Laravel job from the website under some circumstances, the job appears to stay in the queue but doesn’t get processed. Something obviously is happening because the counts go up, but nothing happens and the job stays in the queue. Kick it off by hand, but via an URL, it processes fine. I need to understand what’s happening.

Anyway, the most important thing right now is that we got here in one piece and everything seems to be ok. It’s good to be back here and hopefully the weather will be bright and warm when we step out in the morning.