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Thanks for taking a look here. If you already know me then it’s likely that you know everything below… If you don’t then this is probably the wrong place to find anything useful.

I am married to Jude, and we have two children Lily and Joel. They’re growing up fast – keeping me young and hammering home how old I am every day.

If you’re interested, I grew up in Abram, Wigan. Went to Holy Family primary in Platt Bridge, St Edmund Arrowsmith secondary school in Ashton in Makerfield, St John Rigby sixth form in Orrell and then Leeds University to study Computer Studies. I stayed on to get a PhD in Artificial Intelligence (my thesis was titled ‘A Computational Theory of Handwriting Recognition’) and then worked at Essex University for a year as a senior researcher.

At that point I dropped out of school and got a proper job briefly (six months working for Ross Perot) before various stints working for myself with two brief stints working for others – back in 2000 with Ivan Pope at Pregenesis and again in 2012 for Keytech / Do IT Smarter after selling my previous business, mytechie.

Jude and I lived in Twickenham between ’96 and 2001, then Up Holland in West Lancashire between 2001 and 2006. Since then we’ve lived in Ormskirk.

While I was quietly trying to get on with life, I also spent some time as a Labour Councillor in Skelmersdale and briefly in Ormskirk. A decision that I made back in 2004 meant that it was difficult to stay active in the local Labour Party. Things slowly got crazy and one day I found myself on stage at a regional conference feeling battered, unable to speak and I ended up walking off. I haven’t done much since. I’m still a member and wish my old friends in the party every success.

Since then I’ve cleared my head, sold my old business and have been spending my time trying to build a life that better fits rather than being dictated to. Sometimes it works.

I need to sleep more, and I need to lose some weight. (I wrote this sentence back in 2004 and it still applies now…)

Ormskirk, Feb 2013.

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