St Joseph’s Development

I went to a meeting at St Teresa’s last night, a presentation made by the Anglo-American group developers who want to build another 120 flats in the grounds of St Joseph’s College. This is in addition to the 92 that they recently gained planning permission for.

The meeting was very well attended and it’s a tribute to ADGBUHRM* that so many people turned up. It’s fair to say that most people were against what was being proposed and didn’t believe what they were being told by the developers.
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Extreme Sports Village

A company called Grayling Leisure are proposing the development of a 60 acre extreme sports village on Beacon Country Park. There are approximately 300 acres in the country park, part of which has already been developed into a golf course. As the Council website says: “There is space to walk, run, ride horses or bicycles, fly kites, or just get away from it all and relax at Beacon Country Park.” It’s a beautiful part of the district and is the only greenspace of it’s kind available to the public.

Grayling made a presentation this evening at the council offices in Ormskirk. I went along to listen after an invite from one of our District Councillors. The notice for the meeting didn’t say that it was only for District Councillors, but conservative Councillors refused to go ahead with the presentation until I was ejected from the council chamber.
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Boundary Changes – Survey

I’m running a survey of what people in the local area think of the boundary changes. There isn’t much time to get submissions back to the Boundary Committee – certainly not enough time to knock on doors. Instead, I’ve asked people to send back a slip or to visit this site. I’m also hoping to do something similar with Pauline Bailey in Roby Mill.

If you want to take part in the survey, please complete the form below. I’ll collate them and put them into a submission for the Boundary Committee.
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The “Loss” of Lancashire

Many people against the boundary committee changes are saying that splitting West Lancs in two will mean that we are cut out of Lancashire.

This has touched on a point that people are genuinely worried about, but it’s a spurious argument. The administrative area of Lancashire County Council is a fraction of the historic county of Lancashire. Many who live within the historic boundaries of the County know that they are in Lancashire, that they are Lancastrians, but they don’t pay their Council Tax to the “Lancashire” County Council.

In the past, I’ve lived in Wigan, Colchester and Twickenham. In Wigan we used “Lancashire” in our addresses, in Colchester it was “Essex” and in Twickenham we used “Middlesex”. Not because that was who we paid our Council Tax to, but because they were the historic counties. Middlesex hasn’t “existed” as an authority for thirty years, but they still have a county cricket club, “Middlesex Sevens” and millions of people know that they still live in the county.

Maybe it would be better for everyone if Lancashire was to cease as a council. That would mean we would all be Lancastrians again, in the metropolitan areas and the cities aswell as the narrowly defined County Council area.


After trying out this software for our Lily’s website I thought I’d give it a go here for my own stuff rather than rely on scripts and things I’ve written in the past.

The supposed plan is to keep a note of what I’m doing as well as keeping up to date with what’s happening in the exciting world of West Lancashire local politics.

I don’t claim to know much about what’s going on locally – there are other much better qualified people for that. But I think we’re in the middle of an interesting time what with the boundaries.

Let’s first see if this is working…

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